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Using Edinburgh Letting Agents

If you are a prospective tenant, searching for the right property can take up a lot of your time and if you are going to rent for six months (minimum), you want to make sure you get to view a good selection of properties that are within your budget and location. Using an Edinburgh letting agent/s will help to narrow down your search.
A good letting agent in Edinburgh will not waste your time looking at properties (hard sell)  you don’t want . Good properties do not stay on the market for long so make sure you also have the funds to secure a flat if you happen see one that happens tick all the right boxes. 
Tell the letting agency exactly what you are looking for but be prepared to compromise because depending on your budget, the time of the year (supply and demand) the chances are you will have to make some changes. Being flexible will also help you narrow down your property search .
Discuss the full costs of the property e.g. monthly rent, rent in advance , deposit, council tax and any other charges for services (should there be any).
It might help to make up a list of your property requirements and questions which you can ask your letting agent.
To help get you started I have provided a basic check list (see below) and remember it’s only a guide and in no particular order. You can add your own questions. 
Property Check List ( this is only a guide ).
What is your budget ( don’t forget to include Council Tax) ,
What location do you need?
Type of property? Modern or Traditional?
Number of bedrooms?
Do you need parking?
Do you need to be near schools?
Do you need to be near to Universities?
Is the property on or near a Bus route?
Would you take a property on any floor e.g top floor or basement?
How long do you need the accommodation ?
How long will the accommodation be available?
Ask the letting agents if they give can estimate of the bills/ cost to run and heat the accommodation?
Do you need furnished or an unfurnished property ?
How much deposit will I be required to pay?
What are the neighbours like?
Are you aware of any ongoing anti social behaviour near the property?
When is the property available?
Do you specifically need a garden? This might come with a higher rent!
Are there any service fee’s for the property?
How much is the rent and council tax per month?
Also, remember when you sign up for a rental property you will be required to sign a lease agreement which is a legally binding contract.
Make sure that you read the lease agreement before you sign it. If possible ask the letting agent for a copy of the lease agreement when you secure the property so that you will have time to read it before you sign up on the day. 

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